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Giovanni and Jason look forward to meeting you, and to helping you find the scaffolding and construction supplies you need for well-managed work. With a popular yard in Kingston where we supply anything non-mechanical to the domestic and commercial sectors, our company understands the importance of safe access when working at height. To support the use of our more traditional scaffolding equipment, NonMech can supply its customers with a wide range of beams, ladders and accessories.

We welcome customers from the surrounding Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton areas, and from all locations across London, the Home Counties and the South East region.

Call us on 01483 361154 to discuss our current stock of beams and ladders, and our wider range of building and scaffolding supplies. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alloy Unit Beam 450mm

Alloy Unit Beam 450mm

Suitable for use on a wide range of scaffolding structures, including mobile, birdcage, suspended and temporary roofing designs. Connect directly to node points between diagonals and achieve optimal load-bearing capacity. Join additional beams easily and quickly using our handy fast-action fittings.

This is a beam made to current BS EN 1999-1-1 standards.

X-Beam 750mm

X-Beam 750mm

This lightweight beam has an impressive weight-to-strength ratio and, because of its unique design, requires less beams per job. Fast connecting using our locking clips and spigots gives the user a number of advantages over standard scaffold tubes. This product comes supplied in lengths of up to 6m.

This product also meets BS EN 1999-1-1 standards.

Spigots, Nuts and Bolts
Locking Clips

Spigots, Nuts, Bolts and Locking Clips

Designed for use with our 450mm alloy beams. Spigots come with nuts and bolts. They connect beams end-to-end when used in conjunction with spring locking clips. Spigots have many uses in scaffolding, but they also have applications in many other types of construction including formwork and rigging. We can supply test information and certification on request.

NonMech can also supply you with locking clips which meet current EN74 specifications.

Corrugated Iron (CI) Sheets

Corrugated Iron (CI) Sheets

Our galvanised iron sheets require no drilling. They fit together using roofing couplers. Made as scaffolding equipment and as construction supplies, our sheets have a good gauge, safely withstand foot traffic and work particularly well when used for protecting properties as part of a temporary roof.

Customers from the surrounding Guildford, Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton areas benefit from a galvanised product that withstands the impact of wet or adverse weather.

Roofing Coupler

Roofing Coupler

Manufactured from pressed steel and plated in zinc to preserve against wet weather conditions, our roofing couplers secure corrugated iron sheets to tubes. Scaffolders uses the, and CI sheets, on temporary and semi-permanent roofing structures.

These couplers comply with BS1139.

Scaff Corro Clamp

Scaff Corro Clamp

An innovative clamp for lifting and lowering corrugated iron (CI) sheets over different floor levels safely. Particularly suited to temporary roofing, this clamp secures up to 6 sheets and fixes into place, and releases, with a scaffold spanner.  

Make assembly faster and safer with a patented clamp proven to increase job efficiency.

Steel Ladder
HD Steel Ladder

Steel and HD Steel Ladder

Available in lengths of up to 8m, steel and HD steel ladders are a vital addition to your scaffolding supplies. They come in box sections with a galvanised steel finish and have a durability that meets the hardworking ethos of the scaffolding sector. Features include non-slip rungs and heavy-duty feet.

Steel and HD steel ladders comply with BS EN 131 (Parts 1, 2 and 3).

Corrugated Iron (CI) Sheets

Ladder Clamps

Made from pressed steel with a zinc coating to preserve their lifespan, our clamps secure ladders to the scaffolding structure when used in pairs. They are essential to safe access and compatible with steel or aluminium scaffold tubes.

Our ladder clamps meet current EN74 standards.

Ladder Guard and Lock

Ladder Guard and Lock

Fitted with a lock to further prevent unauthorised access, this ladder guard is a vital piece of scaffolding equipment. Made from aluminium sheeting, it comes with a warning sticker attached and will fit all ladders in our stock range. This is a key deterrent for use either on or off the structure.

A typical standard size for this product is 1140mm x 250mm.

Ladder Access Gate

Ladder Access Gate

Manufactured with a robust reinforced mesh and fitted with a pressed steel toe board, this access gate is the perfect complement to our range of ladders. It connects to the scaffolding structure with couplers and has a strong spring to stop it opening or moving during periods of high wind.

This is the perfect product for preventing or arresting falls when working at height near any ladder access area.

Ladder Guard and Lock

Ladder Trap Door

A hatch system designed to reduce falls by using internal ladder access points across the scaffolding structure. This product uses a special bracket that fits over the toe boards and tightens with bolts. This is a simple solution where users can flick a locking tag to leave the hatch open.

This makes it easier to load or unload tools and materials from the working platform. The access point comes in a high-visibility powder-coated finish.

For construction supplies and scaffolding equipment, or for anything non-mechanical, make NonMech the name to trust. We welcome customers to our yard in Guildford, or we can travel to see you personally in Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston or Sutton, and anywhere across London or the Home Counties.

Giovanni and Jason can also help you with your enquiries outside of normal working hours. We believe in the value of honest, good old-fashioned customer service.

For construction and scaffolding supplies in Horsham, Kingston and the South East, call 01483 361154. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.

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