Scaffold Boards in Brighton | Using Boards with the SmartGuard® System

NonMech, located in Guildford, is a provider of construction supplies and scaffolding equipment to the Brighton area. We have experience in the popular SmartGuard® system, a form of edge protection used around working platforms made up of trestles and scaffold boards. In effect, it is a type of temporary fencing used to prevent falls. The SmartGuard® system complies with The Work at Height Regulations 2005.

SmartGuard® is one of our more essential scaffolding supplies. It is an easy-to-assemble modular system designed and tested to current BS EN 13374 (Class A) standards.

It is not a temporary fencing structure as such, and more a protective barrier used at height to prevent potential injury to any contractor working in the Brighton area. Trestles are among our more popular construction supplies and, of course, scaffold boards are pieces of scaffolding equipment used on a daily basis and in many different ways. Combined, they create a stable platform for low-level work at height.

Even at a low height, falls can have devastating consequences. It makes good sense to invest into the SmartGuard® system, and to add it to your own collection of scaffolding supplies.

If using SmartGuard® on a project in Brighton, we recommend that you follow the safety advice below:

We are proud to include all elements of the SmartGuard® system in our range of construction supplies and scaffolding equipment. Our yard in Guildford is within reasonable reach of Brighton but Giovanni and Jason, our business owners, will happily travel to you to discuss your needs and requirements.

Use us for panels, posts, stabilisers, ladder access brackets, bridging decks, handrails, access gates and more. Combined, all of these SmartGuard® parts build a form of temporary fencing that sits around trestles and scaffold boards. The system is an excellent alternative to a more traditional tower, and erects quickly so that you, or your workforce, can move on with the job without delaying the agreed timescale.

It matters to us that your projects run well, make you a profit and keep your own customers satisfied.

NonMech has 30 years of experience in the world of building, construction and scaffolding supplies, and a strong reputation in the surrounding Brighton and East Sussex areas. Whatever you need, and wherever you need it, we’ll be there to assist you with a friendly, honest and old-fashioned approach to service. You are the most important person in our business.

We can help and assist you with anything non-mechanical.

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