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Scaffolding Equipment in Epsom
Three Projects that Require Scaffold Supplies

Any project that could cause someone to fall for two metres or more requires scaffolding, which means that scaffolding equipment is mandatory for a large range of activities. On this page, our specialists at NonMech will walk you through three projects that need scaffolding supplies. Based in Guildford, we have a range of quality scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale for clients in Epsom and the surrounding areas

With such a broad variety of scaffold for scale, we are here to supply the ideal components for any project of any size. Whether you are looking for:

  • Tubes

  • Couplers

  • Boards

  • Fencing

  • And Much More..

We have everything you need to work safely at a height. Call us today to find out more about what we do. Here are three projects that we regularly assist with:

Painting and Decorating

Although your new paint job may be sparkling and pristine for the first few years, after about a decade you will find the paint is peeling and needs an urgent touch up. This is where we come in. We coordinate with painter decorators to supply high quality scaffolding that allows these skilled contractors to work safely and efficiently.

We have a breadth of different scaffold for sale, including scaffold tubes and couplers. Looking for scaffold boards for sale? We have a great selection of scaffolding equipment and are always available to talk through our options with prospective clients.

Window Cleaning

Unless you live in a bungalow, there’s a good chance that your windows will not be accessible from the ground. This is usually solved by a telescopic pole, but what about buildings that are too high to reach? We often supply scaffolding for window cleaners in the local area, allowing them to clean the windows of high rise properties with little effort.

Roof Repairs

Have you recently sustained storm damage? Looking for scaffolding equipment to help you repair the affected area? We have scaffold for sale that can help. Our scaffolding supplies are vital for safely accessing elevated spaces such as roofing systems. We also have scaffold boards for sale in a variety of different sizes. Contact us today if you would like to purchase scaffold tubes and boards to allow you to work on buildings of any height in the Epsom area.

Call now on 01483 361154 for more information on our scaffolding equipment and supplies on sale in the Epsom area. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170
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