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Make the short trip from Kingston to visit our popular yard in Guildford, and have Giovanni or Jason meet you personally onsite. Whichever you choose, NonMech promises to have the construction supplies and scaffolding equipment you need to complete the job to a high standard. From scaffold boards and tubes, to safety barriers and temporary fencing, we are the name to trust for anything non-mechanical.

If you have upcoming work in the Kingston area and need building and scaffolding supplies to hire or buy, we can help.

Also referred to as staging, a scaffold is a provisional structure built to provide contractors with a safe access platform when working at height. Scaffolding equipment also helps tradesmen to move tools, materials and other construction supplies from ground level to work level. NonMech stocks all of the basic parts, components and scaffolding supplies needed to mobilise your project and your workforce.

We stock all of the following:

Standards, Ledgers and Transoms

These are three of the most important pieces of scaffolding equipment. The standards (or uprights) shift the weight of a scaffold to the ground where the base plates distribute it. Standards are perpendicular tubes joined together by ledgers, which are flat tubes. All scaffolders in Kingston will have these two items in their wider range of construction supplies.

They will also have transoms, which lean on ledgers at a 90° angle to support the standards and scaffold boards.

Scaffold Boards, Tubes and Plates

NonMech includes all of these in its range of scaffolding supplies. Tubes come in steel or aluminium, although some jobs might require a composite material when there is a risk from overhead cables. Scaffold boards sit on the tubes to provide a stable platform and they are very much a structural component. Some scaffolders will surround the tower with barriers or with temporary fencing to stop unauthorised access.

Base plates have adjustable heights. You will see them easily on sites in Kingston because of their bright colour, designed to stop other tradesmen at ground level from tripping on them.

Couplers, Braces and Toe Boards

These pieces of scaffolding equipment tie in with scaffold boards and tubes, with the couplers holding the tubes together. These come available in right-angled and swivel formats, or as part of a branded system (like Cuplock). Braces fit to the structure diagonally to further support the standards, transoms and ledgers. You will usually see diagonal braces used for specialist work in the Kingston area.

Toe boards are also important construction supplies, placed between scaffold standards to reduce gaps and fire risks.

Security Barriers and Temporary Fencing

Used in conjunction with construction and scaffolding supplies, security barriers and temporary fencing have many different roles. A boarded style of fencing stops would-be intruders sizing up your tools and plant, whereas a mesh design makes it harder for the same intruders to climb. We can supply temporary fencing with square or rounded corners, with or without a choice of access gates for plant and pedestrians.

Security barriers and fencing can also help in controlling crowds. If you travel into the Kingston area to watch football or attend live music events, you should be familiar with both.

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