Scaffold Tubes and Scaffold Boards in Croydon, Horsham and the South East Region

Customers across London and the Home Counties make NonMech their preferred choice for anything non-mechanical. Our yard, located in Guildford, is home to building and scaffolding supplies of a high quality. We equip projects in the surrounding Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton areas, to name just a few, with everything needed to make work at height safe. This is important for you, and also for any contractors or subcontractors you might use.

Scaffold boards and tubes are amongst the most popular items of scaffolding equipment we supply to our customers.

Scaffold Boards

NonMech can supply your project with scaffold boards which meet current BS 2482:2019 standards, the current industry specification for timber scaffolding supplies. We can offer you boards in a full range of popular sizes, and we also have sole boards available. Naturally, our accessories include board bands. Please visit our yard in Guildford for advice.

We welcome customers from Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston, Sutton and all surrounding areas.

Our product range includes:

13’ (3.9m) BS Scaffold Boards

Our largest scaffold boards, also referred to as battens or planks, integrate perfectly with tubes and fittings to create safe access systems for all types of work at height. This is a visually graded type A board with FSC approval, sourced from sustainable forestry and best used with 1.2m support centres.

Use in conjunction with our 8ft and 10ft scaffold boards.

10’ (3.0m) BS Scaffold Boards

Manufactured from European whitewood and designed for use with our range of tubes and fittings, 10ft scaffold boards also create a safe working platform for contractors and, of course, their equipment. Like all scaffold boards, our 10ft edition needs central support and we are happy to advise you on this.

Use in conjunction with our 8ft and 13ft scaffold boards.

8’ (2.4m) BS Scaffold Boards

Use with our tubes and fittings for a safe, stable working platform on any building or maintenance project. 8ft scaffold boards work perfectly as walkways or portable staircases at any level. These timber boards come from sustainable sources and have galvanised metal at each end to stop splitting.

Use in conjunction with our 10ft and 13ft scaffold boards.

Sole Boards

Site safety is as important to us as it is to you, and this reflects well in our wider range of scaffolding equipment. NonMech can supply you with sole boards for use as a base for scaffolding on soft ground. Sole boards protect the underlying surface and, at the same time, add more structural stability.

We supply sole boards in the following sizes:

  • 450mm x 225mm x 38mm
  • 750mm x 225mm x 38mm

Board Bands

Designed for use with scaffold boards to stop timber from splitting at the ends. Our own boards come fitted with bands, but you may already have battens or planks in your inventory that would benefit from protection. NonMech also stocks clout nails, which work perfectly for fixing these bands to boards.

Domestic customers often use board bands to create a visual effect when they used scaffold boards for raised planters.

Scaffold Tubes

NonMech has galvanised scaffold tubes available in pre-cut sizes of 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft and 21ft, and in a choice of 3.2mm or 4.0mm diameters. Our scaffolding equipment also includes aluminium tubes. Galvanised tubes meet current BS EN 10240 standards. Should you need our advice on suitable tubes for your project, or help in establishing safe weight loads, please call in to see us at our popular yard in Guildford.

We can supply to customers in the Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton areas, and to those across London, the Home Counties and the whole of the South East region.

Our product range includes:

5’ Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

This is our smallest pre-cut tube, designed to tie in with our range of boards and fittings. Galvanised 5ft scaffold tubes bring safety and reliability to your project. They are lightweight and have a zinc coating to stop corrosion.

Use in conjunction with tubes up to 21ft in length.

8’ Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

The next size up of pre-cut tube ties in well with our stock range of scaffold boards and fittings. Also manufactured in galvanised steel, 8ft tubes have excellent weather resistance and help in creating a safe, stable working platform.

Use in conjunction with other lengths for full adaptability.

10’ Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

Widely used for building and construction work, our 10ft tubes are an intermediate size and therefore one of the most widely used. Once more, this is a galvanised product that we strongly recommend you use with our stock range of boards.

Our 10ft tubes also have a protective zinc coating.

13’ Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

Add to your own system capacity with scaffolding supplies from NonMech. 13ft scaffold tubes increase work-at-height potential for those in building, construction and property maintenance. Our 13ft scaffold tubes have a galvanised zinc coating.

This coating makes them resistant to wet weather conditions.

16’ Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

Designed to help building contractors work safely at height, our 16ft edition offers secure support when used as part of a system with tubes in smaller and larger sizes. It is a popular choice in the construction of new builds and for renovations.

This scaffold tube also has a galvanised zinc coating.

21’ Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

Our largest pre-cut tube works best with our scaffold boards and offers maximum reliability for construction work. Despite its size, the 21ft tube is still lightweight enough for scaffolders to use safely on all towers and systems.

Use with confidence in all outdoor conditions, wet or dry.

20' Aluminium Scaffold Tubes

Manufactured from aluminium and available in a 20ft size, our aluminium tubes are the lightweight alternative to galvanised steel and offer more flexibility. These tubes come in a standard length for contractors to use as they are, or to cut to size. We have a full range of scaffolding supplies and fittings available to use in conjunction with our aluminium tubes.

We advise not to use steel and aluminium on the same tower, but you can use aluminium with our range of scaffold boards.

For all of your building and scaffolding equipment, or for anything non-mechanical, make NonMech the name to trust. We welcome customers to our yard in Guildford, or we can travel to see you personally in Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton, or anywhere across London and the Home Counties.

If required, NonMech can cut scaffold tubes and boards to size for customers who need a bespoke specification.

For scaffold boards and tubes in Croydon, Horsham and the South East, call 01483 361154. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.

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