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If you’re situated in the South East of England and searching for a supplier for all things non-mechanical, you’re in luck; NonMech is here to ensure you have the ideal building and scaffolding supplies to furnish an upcoming project. A popular choice amongst domestic and commercial clients in areas including Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking, our team has a wide range of scaffolding equipment and scaffolding accessories available all under one roof, including scaffold tubes that will facilitate safe and effective work at height.

Combine scaffold tubes with our scaffold boards for sale, and you’ll be able to assemble a secure access system that protects workers, and allows them to deliver jobs to the standards you expect.

Scaffold Tubes

We have galvanised scaffold tubes in stock, pre-cut to the following sizes:

  • 5ft
  • 6ft
  • 8ft
  • 10ft
  • 13ft
  • 16ft
  • 21ft

Our full range of scaffolding equipment takes in both aluminium and galvanised scaffold tubes, which comply with BS EN 10240 standards and are available in 3.2mm or 4mm diameters. Looking for bespoke advice on which scaffold tubes will prove most suitable for the project at hand? Pick up the phone and call our team, or pay our Guildford yard a visit in person. We can inform you how to establish safe maximum loads, and provide advice on other vital aspects of implementing an access system.

NonMech’s scaffolding supplies and scaffolding fittings are available not just in Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking, but all surrounding areas throughout the South East.

Below, we provide more information about our range of scaffold tubes…

5’ Galvanised Tubes

Our smallest pre-cut scaffold tubes, designed for use alongside other scaffolding fittings we have in stock, such as our scaffold boards for sale. You can expect these lightweight, 5ft galvanised products to resist corrosion and other forms of wear, while bringing security and reliability to the project at hand. Can be used with scaffold tubes up to 21ft long.

8’ Galvanised Tubes

One step up sit our 8ft galvanised scaffold tubes, a popular choice amid our wide range of scaffolding fittings. Enjoy superb resistance to even the most extreme of atmospheric conditions, providing stability to your working platform, whatever the weather.

10’ Galvanised Tubes

Used for all sorts of different construction activity, our 10ft scaffold tubes are a great middle size and thus very versatile. Another galvanised product with a protective zinc coating, they work well alongside the range of scaffold boards we have available.

13’ Galvanised Tubes

When building up your system capacity by investing in scaffolding fittings and other scaffolding materials via NonMech, these 13ft galvanized and zinc coated scaffold tubes are a great option. You may find you’re quite quickly capable of building larger, more complex structure with these in your inventory.

16’ Galvanised Tubes

If you’re looking to add security and further support to a system made-up of diversely sized scaffold tubes, our 16ft option is a wonderful addition to your arsenal. Popular amongst new build developers and renovators active around our principal service areas of Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking.

21’ Galvanised Tubes

The largest pre-cut scaffold tubes we have available don’t just max out on size, they max out on the reliability and security they can provide an access system. But don’t be fooled by their length, these scaffolding supplies are still lightweight enough for safe use on all forms of tower and system, in all weather conditions.

20’ Aluminium Tubes

These 20ft aluminium scaffold tubes are a lighter weight option, and are more versatile than their galvanised steel brethren. They can also be cut to size if you have a specific configuration required for an upcoming project. Keep in mind our full product range features scaffolding accessories and scaffolding fittings for use in conjunction with these aluminium tubes. We’d recommend not using both aluminium and steel scaffold tubes in the same system. However, they are fully compatible with our range of scaffold boards for sale.

Whatever form of scaffolding equipment you require, trust NonMech to deliver quality products at competitive prices. Visit our Guildford yard, or arrange a visit to a site in or around the Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading or Woking areas.

We are always able to cut our scaffold tubes to size.

To purchase scaffold tubes in Farnborough, Chertsey, or anywhere else in the the South East, contact the NonMech team on 01483 361154.