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Searching for a reliable source of quality scaffolding supplies in the South East of England? NonMech is the name to trust. Our Guildford yard welcomes both domestic and commercial clients, stocking a huge range of both essential scaffolding fittings, and handy scaffolding accessories all under one-roof. Combine our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale with other vital materials to create bespoke access systems facilitating safe work at height, whatever the nature of your project.

Customers in and around our core service areas of Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking, often draw upon our over three decades of industry experience to ensure the scaffolding equipment they source is up to the task at hand. So why don’t you? Simply give us a call for over the phone advice, or to arrange a visit to your site.

Our Range of Scaffolding Fittings

NonMech’s full range of scaffolding fittings is curated to accommodate all types of system and tower. We also have a selection of temporary fencing and security barriers, which you can learn about here.

Drop Forged Double Coupler

Looking to securely connect scaffold tubes at 90 degree angles? Our drop-forged couplers are the ideal scaffolding supplies for the job. As load-bearing scaffolding fittings, these are fully compliant with BS 1139-2 and EN74 standards. Class B rated, we also offer a pressed steel version. Consider this coupler for use alongside guardrails.

Drop Forged Single Coupler

Another means of fixing scaffold tubes at 90 degree angles, these scaffolding fittings have been designed to join transoms and putlogs to ledgers. Other common uses that Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking customers use these couplers for include designing lighting rigs, securing toe boards, and stage construction. Be aware that this bit of zinc-plated, BS 1139-2 and EN74 compliant scaffolding equipment is not a load-bearing fitting.

Drop Forged Swivel Coupler

The unique design of these zinc-plated scaffolding fittings allows them to join scaffold tubes at whatever angle you choose. This makes them highly versatile, as well as durable and long-lasting, and something well-worth including in your permanent selection of scaffolding supplies. Like our single and double couplers, consider these BS 1139-2 and EN74 compliant scaffolding materials for use on stages and in lighting rigs.

Drop Forged Joint Pin

If you’re in need of joining steel/aluminium scaffold tubes at their ends, these zinc-plated steel scaffolding fittings will do the trick. Tested to EN74 QC standards, they’re a great ally to single, double and swivel couplers, ensuring you have everything in your proverbial tool box to create high quality, bespoke access solutions.

Customers visiting our Guildford yard from areas such as Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking, will also find couplers/sleeves manufactured out of pressed steel. Below, we explore these products and what they bring to the scaffolding fittings table...

Pressed Steel Sleeve Coupler

These Class B rated, zinc plated pressed steel couplers serve to join two scaffold tubes at their ends. Fully compliant with EN74 European standards, we recommend them for use alongside other scaffolding materials like our pressed steel single, double and swivel couplers.

Pressed Steel Double Coupler

The pressed steel equivalent of our drop forged double coupler, these are ideal for connecting scaffold tubes at 90 degree angles. The key benefit of these scaffolding fittings is that they are load-bearing, unlike their drop forged counterpart. Versatile, yet slightly heavier than a drop forged coupler, these also meet current EN74 standards.

Pressed Steel Single Coupler

Another pressed steel alternative to a main stay within our wider range of scaffolding supplies. Zinc plated, EN74 compliant and perfect for fixing scaffold tubes at right angles on scaffolds, lighting rigs, guard rails and stages. It weighs 0.67kg and is widely seen by Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking customers as essential scaffolding equipment.

Pressed Steel Swivel Coupler

Weighing in at 1.02kg, these mirror the drop forged swivel coupler in connecting scaffold tubes at whatever angle you require. However, they’re a little more hardy and long-lasting, while continuing to meet EN74 QC standards. Worth considering for stage construction, lighting rig installation and for use alongside other forms of scaffolding fittings like the scaffold boards for sale we’re so well known for stocking.

Board Retainer / Board Retainer for Extenda

A great way of quickly locking in scaffold boards into their correct position, these have remarkable resistance to horizontal/vertical movement, making them ideal for use in stormy conditions.

Gravlock Girder Coupler

These oversized scaffolding fittings, meeting all relevant standards including BS 1139-2, secure scaffold tubes to steel beams, and have an exceptional flange capacity. Supplied zinc-coated to increase lifespan, they’re to be used in pairs.

Band & Plate

An especially robust coupler that also connects scaffold tubes at 90 degree angles. Its two-part design uses holes at the top of the coupler to allow fixing to walls/ceilings. Weighing 2kg on the dot, it’s fully compliant with BS 1139-2 and EN74 standards.

Base Plate HD Spigot / Base Plate 5mm (EN74)

Select these scaffolding fittings in either iron or aluminium, and tube or pipe clamp format. They serve as a flat load-bearing surface that other scaffolding materials can be built out of. Combine with sole boards, and take time to consider the ideal weight distribution to ensure a solid, secure and safe access solution.

For all things non-mechanical, from scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories, to security barriers and temporary fencing, you can rely on NonMech. Visit our Guildford yard, or contact us to arrange a visit to a site in or around the Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading or Woking area.

If you’re looking to invest in quality scaffolding equipment in Dorking, Woking, or anywhere else in the South East, pick up the phone and dial 01483 361154.