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For scaffolding supplies in London and the surrounding Home Counties, and for anything non-mechanical, we are the team to trust. NonMech has a yard in Guildford, Surrey, where we welcome customers from the domestic and commercial sectors. We stock all types of scaffolding equipment, including the fittings required to use alongside our boards and tubes. With more than 30 years of combined experience, Giovanni and Jason look forward to helping you with your supply needs.

Visit us in branch, or arrange a meeting anywhere in Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston, Sutton or the South East. We have the fittings and accessories needed to make work at height safe for you, and also for any contractors you might use.

We have fittings available for all towers and systems.

drop forged double coupler

Drop Forged Double Coupler

This piece of scaffolding equipment is a fixed 90° rigid drop-forged coupling, also used to connect scaffold tubes at right angles. This is a load-bearing fitting and one that also complies with current BS 1139-2 and EN74 standards. This is a Class B fitting which we can also supply in pressed steel.

This coupler also works in conjunction with guardrails.

drop forged single coupler

Drop Forged Single Coupler

Used to join scaffold tubes at right angles, these fittings have a design which connects transoms, or putlogs, to ledgers. In addition to scaffolding, single couplers also have uses for lighting rigs, stage construction and toe board securement. Please be aware that this is not a load-bearing fitting.

This zinc-plated fitting meets BS 1139-2 and EN74 standards.

drop forged swivel coupler

Drop Forged Swivel Coupler

The key benefit to this zinc-plated swivel fitting is the ability to connect tubes at any angle. This makes it suitable for all types of scaffolding equipment. The zinc plating ensures a long lifespan. Like our single and double couplers, these fittings work well for lighting rigs and stages too.

Swivel fittings also meet BS 1139-2 and EN74 standards.

drop forged joint pin

Drop Forged Joint Pin

This is a zinc-plated steel fitting used to join steel or aluminium scaffold tubes end-to-end. It is a forged fitting tested to strict EN74 quality control standards. This is a product widely used in scaffolding construction in conjunction with our drop forged single, double and swivel couplers.

We have all of these scaffolding supplies in stock at our popular yard in Guildford.

Customers from London and the surrounding Home Counties, including those in the key service areas of Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton, can also use us for the supply of couplers and sleeves in pressed steel.

pressed steel sleeve couplers

Pressed Steel Sleeve Coupler

We also have pressed steel sleeve couplers available for joining two scaffold tubes end-to-end. This is a Class B fitting with a zinc plating and, once again, it complies with current EN74 European quality standards. Use in conjunction with our pressed steel single, double and swivel couplers.

Our Guildford yard has all of these scaffolding supplies in stock and readily available to customers in the surrounding Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton areas.

pressed steel double coupler

Pressed Steel Double Coupler

This is also a pressed steel alternative, but to our drop forged double coupler. It connects scaffold tubes at right angles and, unlike the pressed steel single coupler, is a load-bearing fitting. This coupler complies with current EN74 standards and has multiple applications in scaffolding.

This fitting weighs in at a slightly heavier 0.92kg.

pressed steel single coupler

Pressed Steel Single Coupler

This is a pressed steel alternative to our drop forged single coupler with a zinc plating, used to connect scaffold tubes at right angles. Meeting current EN74 European quality standards, this fitting has applications on all scaffolding systems. It is also suitable for lighting rigs, stages and guardrails.

This piece of scaffolding equipment weighs 0.67kg.

pressed steel swivel coupler

Pressed Steel Swivel Coupler

Like the drop forged swivel coupler, this particular fitting connects scaffold tubes at any angle but comes supplied in zinc-plated pressed steel to give it a long lifespan. Meeting EN74 quality standards, this fitting is for use on all scaffolding systems, and for lighting rigs and stage set-ups.

This piece of scaffolding equipment weighs 1.02kg.

board retaining bracket

Board Retaining Bracket

Used to lock scaffold board into the correct position quickly and securely. Board retaining brackets have exceptional resistance to horizontal and vertical movement. This makes them particularly suited for use in windy weather conditions.

gravlock girder coupler

Gravlock Girder Couplers

This is an oversized coupler manufactured to current BS 1139-2 standards. Used in pairs, these fittings anchor scaffold tubes to steel beams and have a generous flange capacity. We supply girder couplers with a zinc coating for a longer lifespan.

band and plate

Band and Plate

This is a robust coupler used to connect scaffold tubes at right angles. This two-part fitting has holes located at the top for fixing to walls and ceilings. It meets current BS 1139-2 and EN74 standards, weighing in at exactly 2kg.

base plate

Base Plate HD Spigot

Available in cast iron or aluminium, and as tube or pipe clamps, these fittings comply with BS EN 1461. Base plates provide a flat load-bearing surface for scaffolding, an important factor in weight distribution. Use with sole boards.

For all of your building and scaffolding equipment, or for anything non-mechanical, make NonMech the name to trust. We welcome customers to our yard in Guildford, or we can travel to see you personally in Brighton, Croydon, Horsham, Kingston or Sutton, and anywhere across London or the Home Counties.

We can also supply beams, ladders and temporary fencing.

For scaffolding supplies in Kingston, Sutton and the South East, call 01483 361154. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.

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