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At NonMech, transparency and honesty are core values on which our business has been built; as is our old-fashioned approach to customer service, where you are always the top priority. Our staff and founders, Jason and Giovanni, bring a huge amount of industry experience to the table, helping customers find the perfect combination of scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories for a project being launched in the South East of England. Visit our Guildford yard for all things non-mechanical, from our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, to our selection of security barriers and temporary fencing.

This page, however, focuses on our range of scaffolding accessories, popular amongst domestic and commercial clients in locations such as Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking. Have a query about these products, or any other scaffolding fittings listed on our website? Get in contact with us at your earliest convenience.

Our wider product range also includes branded scaffolding materials from well-regarded manufacturers such as Scaff-X, Scaffbrite and Scaffeze.

Our Range of Scaffolding Supplies & Accessories

Debris Net 2m & 3m x 50m Rolls. FR also available

NonMech supplies scaffold and debris netting to a diverse range of clients within the construction sector. It’s a highly effective, reliable means of protecting workers, members of the public, property and vehicles from anything that might fall from a structure. It’s also popular amongst homeowners, who use it for their allotments and gardens.

This particular range of scaffolding accessories also includes heavy duty, flame-retardant netting manufactured out of high-density polyethylene.

W Gate Set HD

Fabricated by MIG welders, these stay-safe loading bay gates feature half-swivel couplers in a unique, patented design. Gone are difficult clips and pins, meaning they can be operated by just one person on site. If you’re looking for something which can simplify the loading of scaffolding equipment and building materials onto specific areas on-site, they’re well worth the investment.

Meeting EN74 standards, these gates prove a popular choice for Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking customers who want to further flesh out their kit with handy scaffolding supplies.

Gin Wheel & Rope

If you need scaffolding equipment which will help you transfer materials up from ground level to platforms further up an access system, gin wheels fill that niche. They fit over scaffold tubes and are secured with eye bolts, and come in a bright green colour. Our gin wheels, like many of our scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories, are fully certified. This certificate can be printed out or sent by email for your digital records. These BS 851692 compliant products are not fitted with brakes, and are sold separately to the rope that they require to operate.

Tredda Plate / Rubber Tredda Plate

These are protective plates that, when fitted underneath base jacks, help keep tarmac, paving and similar surfaces from being damaged and scratched. Built out of a high-visibility yellow plastic, they are impact-resistant and have load-bearing characteristics. To be used with 150mm square base plates.

Scafftags & Pen Box

We sell these important scaffolding accessories as standalone products, or in a kit format. Tags help ensure that everyone on site is aware of whether scaffolding fittings have been inspected in line with the regulations set out by the HSE. They’re universally sized and as such can be used with all types of scaffold tubes.

Our pens are permanent markers which resist rubbing off or fading, even in the most inclement of weather conditions.

Harness Kit

Essential scaffolding supplies that all construction firms and scaffolders should have at hand. These are 2-metre fall arrest systems, in both one-point and two-point designs, which help safeguard trades working at height on projects around Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking. They come with carry cases, as well as:

  • Sewn-In Lanyards
  • Rear Anchorage
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Hooks

Our harness kits are developed with both safety and comfort in mind, and are used by all sorts of different companies within the building sector.

Scaffold Lights Metal or Plastic

You can fit these metal or plastic LED kits onto all sorts of different scaffolding fittings and systems. Switch between static or flashing modes, and use the included fixing tool to prevent them from being displaced from scaffold tubes or other elements making up your structure. Our LED flashing lights are highly durable, and ideal for use in combination with temporary fencing and security barriers, which we also stock. Many clients also purchase them for use with skips and bulkhead panels.

Whatever scaffolding equipment or scaffolding accessories you require, visit NonMech. Alternatively, we can visit sites around Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking personally to deliver scaffolding supplies, or consult with your team.

Choose NonMech for all requirements around scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories in Aldershot, Farnham and the South East, pick up the phone and dial 01483 361154.