Scaffold for Sale in Chertsey | Boards, Scaffold Tubes, Parts & A Full Range of Scaffolding Accessories

Embark on a brief journey from Chertsey to explore our yard in Guildford, or opt to have Giovanni or Jason personally greet you onsite. Whichever path you choose, NonMech guarantees to furnish you with the necessary construction supplies and scaffolding equipment to execute your project with excellence. From scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, to a comprehensive range of scaffolding accessories including safety barriers and temporary fencing, we stand as the trusted source for all your non-mechanical needs.

If you're gearing up for upcoming projects in the Chertsey vicinity and require building and scaffolding supplies for hire or purchase, count on us for assistance. NonMech offers scaffold for sale at competitive rates, ensuring you have access to essential equipment for your endeavours.

Also known as staging, a scaffold serves as a temporary framework constructed to furnish contractors with a secure access platform for tasks performed at elevated heights. Additionally, scaffolding equipment facilitates the transportation of tools, materials, and other construction supplies from ground level to the work platform. At NonMech, we maintain comprehensive stocks of basic components and scaffolding supplies essential for mobilising projects and workforces in the Chertsey locale.

Here's a glimpse of what we offer amid our range of scaffolding fittings and scaffolding accessories:

  • Scaffold Boards for Sale
  • Branded Scaffolding Systems
  • Couplers, Braces, and Toe Boards
  • Barriers and Temporary Fencing

Standards, Ledgers, and Transoms

These components stand out as crucial elements within the wider range of scaffolding equipment. Standards, also known as uprights, bear the weight of the scaffold, transferring it to the ground where base plates distribute the load. Ledgers, scaffold tubes, connect perpendicular standards. Every scaffolder in Chertsey understands the significance of these items among their array of scaffolding supplies. Transoms, which rest on ledgers at a 90° angle, provide support to both standards and scaffold boards, for sale at NonMech.

Scaffold Boards, Tubes, and Plates

NonMech offers a variety of scaffold tubes, scaffold boards for sale, and an array of plates to cater to your needs. Our tubes are available in steel or aluminium, with certain projects necessitating composite materials to mitigate risks associated with overhead cables. Scaffold boards provide a stable platform atop the tubes and are integral structural components. Some scaffolders opt to encircle the tower with security barriers or temporary fencing to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, our base plates feature adjustable heights and bright colours, ensuring visibility on Chertsey job sites and minimising tripping hazards for ground-level workers. We also stock scaffold for sale from renowned system manufacturers such as Cuplock and Kwikstage.

Couplers, Braces, and Toe Boards

These essential scaffolding components complement scaffold boards and tubes, with couplers facilitating the connection of tubes. Available in right-angled and swivel formats or as part of branded systems like Cuplock, couplers play a pivotal role in scaffold assembly. Braces provide diagonal reinforcement to the structure, enhancing the support for standards, transoms, and ledgers. Diagonal braces are commonly employed for specialised tasks in the Chertsey area. Toe boards, another critical element among construction supplies, are positioned between scaffold standards to minimise gaps and fire hazards. Given our extensive offerings of scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, it's imperative for us to supply all necessary ancillaries.

Security Barriers and Temporary Fencing

In tandem with construction and scaffolding supplies, security barriers and temporary fencing fulfil various functions. Boarded temporary fencing deters potential intruders from assessing your tools and equipment, while mesh designs increase the difficulty of unauthorised access. Our temporary fencing options include square or rounded corners and may feature access gates for pedestrians and plant machinery. Security barriers and temporary fencing also aid in crowd control, a familiar sight for those attending football matches or live music events in the Chertsey area.

Looking for scaffold for sale in Chertsey? Contact us at 01483 361154 to discuss our stock. Alternatively, reach out to Giovanni at 07939 333180 or Jason at 07834 519170.