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NonMech takes pride in being a local supplier of scaffolding equipment and scaffolding accessories, going beyond essential scaffolding fittings into areas such as temporary fencing and security barriers. Situated in Guildford, we offer scaffold for sale to customers across various regions, including Dorking. Scaffold tubes and our scaffold boards for sale are indispensable components in construction and building endeavours; however it is imperative that only individuals deemed competent undertake the erection and dismantling of this equipment. Incorrect usage can lead to severe injuries among contractors or the general public.

Helping Shore up on Site Safety & Security

While our core inventory comprises scaffold for sale including boards and scaffold tubes, we also provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories that contribute to fostering a robust on-site safety culture. Additionally, we stock high-quality ancillary products from renowned brands such as Scaffeze and Scaffbrite, which help keep scaffolding fittings in Dorking in perfect working order, and both temporary fencing and security barriers to secure sites from would-be trespassers.

Not too long ago, a notable incident in the London area resulted in a substantial fine for a company due to a scaffolding equipment collapse during the dismantling process. The root cause was attributed to a lack of safety awareness. This exemplifies why NonMech is so committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and their contractors, whether in Dorking or any other area where our services extend. Not to mention why we believe that when offering scaffold for sale, it is paramount to provide guidance to buyers on its safe usage and to delineate who qualifies as competent for its erection and dismantling…

Safety Training in Scaffolding Operations

Following an investigation by the Health & Safety Executive, the aforementioned collapse was attributed to deficient safety training and inadequate instructions provided to the staff. Given our range of scaffold boards for sale and scaffold tubes, not to mention the scaffolding fittings that complement them and keep them sturdily in place, we remain vigilant regarding incidents within our sector. Unfortunately, such accidents are not isolated, with several recorded occurrences in recent years.

While the incident in London did not result in any injuries, luck played a significant role. Our aim is for scaffolding equipment and scaffolding supplies to be utilised in the safest and most professional manner possible on projects around Dorking, an area in which we prove especially popular.

In light of the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, safety training has assumed heightened importance. Some scaffolders may have experienced gaps in their work or training, necessitating refresher courses and accreditation renewals. For scaffolding companies, we recommend providing staff with refresher training and enrolling new personnel in safety courses offered by the CITB, ensuring they can handle and work on scaffolding equipment without compromising on-site standards.

Despite only offering scaffold for sale and not engaging in its physical use, we uphold a moral obligation to ensure the protection of individuals around Dorking utilising scaffold towers, or working with scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories, including temporary fencing and security barriers.

Safety Tips for Scaffolding Operations

How can contractors enhance the safety of scaffolding equipment usage and safeguard those working on or near the tower? Compliance with safety initiatives and HSE regulations is paramount.

Dorking companies and trades can also follow the below tips for safe utilisation of scaffold boards, scaffold tubes, and related scaffolding fittings:

  • Protecting the Public – Prioritise public safety by restricting access to the work area and implementing security barriers / temporary fencing and signage to guide them safely. Explore options for temporary road or path closures during erection and dismantling phases.
  • Working at Height – Adhere to specifications for safe work at height, including using appropriate board widths and ensuring scaffold workers wear harnesses.
  • Scaffold Stability – Properly secure scaffolding supplies to prevent collapses, utilising anchors suitable for the base material and conducting thorough checks before commencing work.

With scaffold for sale catering to customers in Dorking, London, and the wider South East region, NonMech is the trusted name for non-mechanical solutions. Our inventory includes scaffold boards for sale, as well as scaffold tubes, and essential safety equipment to uphold stringent safety standards. We also offer branded ancillary products from Scaff-X.

We are committed to helping you maintain an exemplary safety record and safeguarding your business reputation. For inquiries regarding the safe usage of scaffolding equipment, feel free to reach out to us at NonMech. We are eager to assist you.

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