Scaffolding Supplies in Farnborough, Chertsey & All Surrounding Locations | Scaffeze, Scaffbrite & Scaff-X

NonMech’s Guildford yard is a one-stop location for all forms of scaffolding equipment and scaffolding accessories, reducing the time and effort involved in visiting multiple retailers to get fully equipped for an upcoming project. Popular amongst scaffolders, homeowners, and a diverse range of construction and development companies throughout the South East of England, our team is ready to help you find and secure all things non-mechanical.

Our full stock of scaffolding supplies goes well-beyond just our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale. And that’s why so many of our customers – who visit us from areas including Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking – visit us; they know that they’ll be able to find the perfect products to meet the unique requirements of the job at hand.

This page focuses on Scaff-X, Scaffeze and Scaffbrite products, of which we are a proud stockist.

Our Scaff-X, Scaffeze & Scaffbrite Product Ranges

Scaff-X (5L Can)

This is an industry staple: a highly effective treatment to apply to fittings and threads. It will assist with swiftly removing the following:

  • Grease
  • Corrosion
  • Contaminants

Other uses includes freeing up seized parts and providing lubrication.

Scaff-X (20L Tub)

Consider this larger quantity of Scaff-X if you have plenty of scaffolding equipment requiring treatment, or that equipment gets a lot of daily use.

Scaff-X (205L Tub)

Busy scaffolders and construction firms taking on projects around Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking, will choose this quantity to keep their scaffolding supplies in ideal condition.

Scaff-X (1000L IBC)

Gearing up for a major, long-term project that calls for the maintenance of scaffolding fittings? A whopping 1000L will ensure you don’t run out at a critical moment.

Scaffbrite (20L Tub)

Excelling in the cleaning and brightening of scaffold tubes and similar scaffolding fittings, this works magic to remove corrosion and stubborn materials like cement or concrete. We stock it in a 20L tub format.

Scaffeze Plus (20L Drum)

Another essential entry within our catalogue of scaffolding supplies. A high-performance lubricant that is also anti-corrosive, this should be used on threads, scaffold tubes and other such scaffolding equipment. Our smallest available quantity.

Scaffeze Plus (210L Drum)

Customers with a lot of scaffolding equipment in need of treatment should consider this much larger drum, which will prevent encountering a shortage at a critical time.

Whatever scaffolding supplies you require, from aforementioned Scaffeze and Scaffbrite products, to our scaffold tubes or scaffold boards for sale, get in contact with NonMech. Visit our Guildford yard, or if you’d rather book a visit to your site in Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading or Woking, this can also be arranged.

We also have a wide selection of scaffolding accessories available, going well beyond essential scaffolding fittings. These include security barriers and temporary fencing, which you can learn more about by navigating to their dedicated pages on this website.

For scaffolding equipment and scaffolding supplies in Chertsey, Farnborough or any other location in the wider South East, call 01483 361154 today.