Scaffold Tubes and Scaffold Boards for Sale in Woking | Preventing Unauthorised Scaffolding Access

Our company has scaffolding fittings such as scaffold boards for sale in the Woking area, and is also a supplier of scaffold tubes and other forms of scaffolding supplies, helping you establish a solid and safe working platform that won’t let you down. NonMech’s presence in the scaffolding equipment and scaffolding accessories industry means we are very aware of the dangers that access solutions can present – beyond simple misuse by untrained contractors – from trespass to theft of constituent parts.

This means Woking clients should take every possible step to stop the public from accessing scaffolding towers, e.g through the implementation of carefully placed temporary fencing and security barriers, after they have contacted NonMech in the view of purchasing scaffold for sale or additional scaffolding supplies to safeguard a site.

While anyone with enough determination will most likely find a way to take your scaffolding equipment, or to trespass on and vandalise your site, there are a number of measures worth taking to stop individuals wandering onto or near a tower, where they could become seriously injured. This is the subject of the below information, but if you’re more interested in our scaffold boards for sale, or scaffold tubes, we urge you to get in contact with us. All our scaffolding fittings are competitively priced. The same goes if it’s scaffolding accessories like temporary fencing and security barriers that you’re looking to get your hands on.

Consider the following to secure a Woking site home to scaffolding equipment:


The best means of protecting and securing a site depends on its location, the type of development activity underway, and the particular types of scaffolding supplies and scaffolding equipment you are currently utilising. This makes a thorough evaluation of risks a good idea, to highlight issues surrounding safety/security. You can use the results to inform a method statement which will take time to consider the possibility of trespass, both accident and purposeful, which may influence the scaffolding fittings you invest in.

We urge Woking clients to ask themselves the following question:

  • Is the tower in a private or public zone?
  • Will the site be left unmanned, and if so, how regularly?
  • Where are the different access points located?

On a side note, keep in mind that alongside our selection of scaffold for sale, we have temporary fencing and security barriers on offer to help Woking clients secure their premises.

Fencing & Barriers

You can strategically implement barriers, gates and fences to close-off the perimeter of a site, sealing it from easy access. However, these elements need to be securely rooted in place to prevent their removal. Be sure to thoroughly analyse these particular features to ensure there are no vulnerable points like holes or gaps. Regular checks should ensure that these security features have not been tampered with or been damaged due to inclement weather conditions passing through Woking.

Under no circumstances should scaffolding equipment or raised platforms be left next to these security features, as they’re simply calling out to be used to vault over and onto your site.

Stow Ladders Away

You can expect a lot more from us than simple scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale; we have everything you require to allow for safe access of your Woking development, such as industry quality ladders. These can pose some risks that require careful consideration, however. For example, they should be carefully stowed away out of site, preferably padlocked away to reduce the likelihood members of the public spot them, and decide to use them to climb your scaffolding equipment.

If such scaffolding supplies or similar, potentially valuable scaffolding accessories need to stay where they are, be sure to secure them to the structure. They can also be kept behind hardy temporary fencing and security barriers.

Ladder Guards

If ladders cannot be easily stowed away, consider invest in an alternative method of securing them: ladder guards. These are one of the many aspects of scaffolding equipment we make available to clients in and around Woking. They do what they say on the tin: guard ladders by preventing access to a large section of them.

Investing in ladder guards? Be sure to:

  • Lock them up tight
  • Ensure they are functioning as intended
  • Stand guard over six rungs of the ladder
  • Aren’t inadvertently offering trespassers a holding

So consider, in addition to our scaffold for sale, ladder guards to protect other scaffolding supplies present on a Woking site.

Access Control Systems

All initial assessments, evaluations and statements of intent should make specific reference to actions/equipment used to prevent accidental or intentional trespass; this needn’t solely refer back to scaffolding equipment utilised. For example, you may look to incorporate CCTV systems to deter would-be intruders.

You could also consider investing in:

  • Keypad access control systems
  • Entry via sweep cards
  • Gates or manned guarding

We are happy to tell you that beyond our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, we ensure Woking clients have access to a comprehensive selection of scaffolding supplies and scaffolding equipment. So contact us today to discuss how different solutions can help secure your site from unauthorised access, including scaffolding accessories like temporary fencing and security barriers.

In Woking and searching for scaffold for sale? Contact our team on 01483 361154.