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NonMech is proud to stand as a reliable source for scaffolding equipment and scaffolding accessories in the Epsom area. Operating from our premises in Guildford, we've built a solid reputation in all neighbouring areas throughout Surrey. Augment your inventory of scaffolding supplies by turning to us for scaffold boards, scaffold tubes, and all other forms of scaffolding fittings. We’re also here to help you safeguard your construction site with SmartGuard® edge protection or fortify it via temporary fencing or security barriers. Our array of scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale are competitively priced, ensuring you get quality at a great value.

No matter your requirements or location, count on us to offer guidance and supply all your non-mechanical needs. For all things surrounding scaffold for sale, NonMech is unrivalled.

Buying vs Renting Scaffolding Supplies – What to Consider

Many Epsom clients, particularly those in the commercial sector, find themselves grappling with the decision of whether to lease scaffolding equipment and scaffolding accessories, or to invest in owning them outright. We understand that for certain enterprises operating on tight budgets, the costs associated with purchasing scaffolding supplies can be daunting. Yet, frequent rentals of scaffold boards, scaffold tubes, and scaffolding accessories can significantly erode profit margins.

Factor in expenses for scaffolding fittings, security barriers, temporary fencing and PPE, coupled with labour costs, and there's little in reserve for expansion or upgrades. Do you continue renting and incur on-going expenses, or should the approach be to bolster your bottom line by purchasing personal scaffolding equipment? With our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, NonMech aims to alleviate this dilemma.

But here are some helpful guidelines which could assist with your decision-making process regarding scaffold for sale:

You may opt to hire scaffolding equipment if:

  • A job in Epsom is anticipated to last less than 12 weeks.
  • The structure exceeds 20ft.
  • The property presents challenging architectural features.
  • You require specialised items like temporary fencing or security barriers.
  • You lack expertise in scaffold board and scaffold tube assembly.

Consider purchasing your scaffolding supplies if:

  • A job in the Epsom area spans 12 weeks or longer.
  • Scaffold requirements for the job fall below 20ft.
  • The structure boasts straightforward design and elevations.
  • You regularly utilise scaffolding equipment, security barriers or temporary fencing.
  • You possess proficiency in scaffold board, scaffold tube, and system installation.

NonMech offers scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale in Epsom, facilitating safe and profitable work on future projects.

While the aforementioned criteria can aid in your decision-making process, it may be advantageous to enlist the services of a professional, accredited scaffolder for projects in Epsom exceeding 3 months' duration, particularly if the structure poses logistical challenges. This approach allows you to capitalise on owning scaffolding equipment while still benefiting from expert temporary assistance.

For all other needs, our scaffold boards, scaffold tubes, temporary fencing, security barriers, and scaffolding accessories are available for hire as needed.

In the long run, ownership of scaffolding supplies and scaffolding fittings invariably yields greater profitability on projects. Our staff are available to assist customers in Epsom by tailoring comprehensive packages or augmenting existing equipment, going beyond what you might expect from a company “merely offering scaffold for sale”.

For scaffolding equipment and other forms of scaffolding supplies in Epsom, trust NonMech. Contact us at 01483 361154 to inquire about our inventory.