Scaffold Boards for Sale in Farnborough | Plus a Comprehensive Range of Complementing Scaffolding Fittings

NonMech takes immense pride in being a premier provider of scaffolding equipment in the Farnborough area. Operating from our grounds in Guildford where we curate an extensive inventory of non-mechanical essentials, our commitment extends beyond merely offering scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale; we cater to a diverse array of needs, ensuring comprehensive access to quality scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories. Whether you’re in the market for core scaffolding fittings, or important items such as security barriers and temporary fencing, we’re waiting to hear from you!

In fact, alongside our scaffold for sale, some of our Farnborough clients’ favourite items sought-after offerings are our temporary fencing solutions. Whether you require temporary fencing to safeguard tools, machinery, or construction materials against theft, to fortify scaffold materials and restrict unauthorised access, or to delineate sections during outdoor events, our diverse selection awaits your perusal; for even more effective results, combine them with our security barriers. While we showcase a variety of scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, our dedication ensures that every conceivable requirement finds fulfilment under our roof.

Our scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories take in an extensive array of steel and aluminium scaffold tubes, scaffold boards, as well as an assortment of scaffolding fittings and fixtures to facilitate safe and efficient operations at elevated heights around Farnborough. Safety remains paramount, and thus, we offer a comprehensive range of scaffolding equipment focusing on meeting relevant regulatory standards and improving best practice.

At NonMech, we pride ourselves on being the Farnborough area’s ultimate destination for scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, serving as the quintessential hub for getting your project, quite literally, off of the ground.

Temporary Fencing: Purchase or Rental Options

Our comprehensive range of temporary fencing encompasses various designs tailored to diverse requirements. Whether you seek lightweight and manoeuvrable options or robust panels for enhanced security, our expansive stock of scaffolding supplies and scaffolding equipment ensures that your needs are met without compromise. Upholding our commitment to quality, the temporary fencing and security barriers we make available to discerning clients around Farnborough guarantee durability and longevity, enduring repeated use with steadfast resilience.

Echoing the standards set by our scaffolding supplies / scaffolding materials, our temporary fencing solutions cater to a myriad of applications, ranging from construction sites to large-scale outdoor events across Farnborough and its neighbouring regions. Renowned for our unwavering dedication to excellence, NonMech stands as the trusted purveyor of all things non-mechanical.

The Common Applications of Temporary Fencing

In alignment with our core focus on scaffolding supplies and scaffolding equipment, we also look to supply temporary fencing, which is used across various industries, securing all sorts of different settings and sites. These fencing solutions prove indispensable for managing crowd control and delineating spatial boundaries during large-scale gatherings and events, both within Farnborough and throughout nearby areas. NonMech continues to uphold its reputation for its reliability and excellent products, going well beyond scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, into various different areas that complement our scaffolding supplies.

Our comprehensive selection of temporary fencing types encompasses:

  • Closed hoarding systems: Ideal for isolating sites from public access ways, these robust panels offer stability even in adverse weather conditions, and are also known for their portability and versatility.
  • Standard anti-climb panels: Suited for settings where visibility is paramount, these panels provide effective demarcation without impeding sightlines or obstructing views.
  • Round-cornered anti-climb panels: Designed to facilitate safe pedestrian and crowd control, these barricade temporary fencing solutions find widespread application in the events industry, ensuring seamless management of large gatherings and ensuring public safety.

NonMech’s temporary fencing and security barriers complement the scaffolding materials we sell in Farnborough and surrounding areas. Whether you require scaffold tubes or scaffold boards for sale, we’d love to hear from you.

For inquiries regarding our scaffold for sale in Farnborough, please contact the NonMech team at 01483 361154.