Scaffold for Sale in Farnham | Get All the Scaffolding Equipment You Require, from All Under One Roof

How extensive is your familiarity with construction provisions and scaffolding fittings? What mechanisms secure the scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale you might be looking to acquire? How does edge protection function as a form of temporary fencing to ensure the safety of individuals labouring at height? Answering these inquiries, among others, constitute a typical day's work at NonMech. Our Guildford yard boasts an array of construction and scaffolding supplies accessible to Farnham based patrons, going beyond just raw scaffold for sale, and spanning a variety of scaffolding accessories including security barriers.

Whether staging domestic or commercial projects, every client is significant to us, and we strive to afford each one the utmost attention. NonMech stands as the trusted name for scaffolding equipment and a diverse range of non-mechanical items. What’s more, we help keep margins competitive by providing the Farnham area scaffolding equipment at equitable and competitive rates. So why not reach out to our office on 01483 361154?

Alternatively, schedule an appointment at your Farnham site or premises by contacting Giovanni at 07939 333180 or Jason at 07834 519170. NonMech caters to your requirements with scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale.

NonMech’s Scaffolding Equipment in Farnham FAQ

Are you well-versed in providing scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories?

Absolutely. Collectively, Giovanni and Jason possess over three decades of expertise. Throughout this period, they have immersed themselves in the realm of traditional scaffolding supplies, encompassing scaffold boards for sale, scaffold tubes, and accompanying scaffolding fittings, on a daily basis. Their proficiency extends to security barriers, temporary fencing, and safety accoutrements – essential scaffolding accessories that many around Farnham are looking to get hold of. While our commercial clientele possess a profound understanding of their tasks, some private individuals leverage our expertise to make informed purchases or rentals.

Can you procure branded scaffolding equipment?

Certainly. A substantial portion of our Farnham clienteles gravitate towards Cuplock or Kwikstage systems. Cuplock features a distinctive connection mechanism comprising nodes, facilitating swift and facile assembly. Similarly, Kwikstage scaffolding equipment boasts a simplistic design, permitting even semi-skilled labourers to erect it under supervision. Additionally, we specialise in SmartGuard®, an advanced edge protection system.

Our inventory includes scaffold for sale from leading brands. Another example is SmartGuard®, which serves as temporary fencing for tasks at lower elevations, particularly when paired with trestles. Our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale complement all major branded systems.

Do you maintain stock of construction supplies for trenching endeavours?

Indeed. NonMech houses an assortment of trench struts, props, and collars. Trench struts offer horizontal adjustability and secure trench sheeting firmly in place, effectively preventing the collapse of trench walls. Trench props, with their diverse applications, bear the weight load from above. Visitors from Farnham also have the option to rent or purchase prop swivels.

Is scaffolding tower assembly a universal skill?

We offer scaffold for sale suitable for low-level tasks at elevated heights, accessible for anyone to assemble. However, for a conventional tower comprising scaffold boards and tubes, bolstered by standards, ledgers, and transoms, a trained operative is imperative to ensure safe assembly. For commercial scaffolding endeavours in the Farnham vicinity, operatives must hold a CISRS card and undergo CITB training. This ensures scaffolding fittings are going to keep users of a structure secure, and prevent potentially catastrophic incidents from occurring.

What varieties of temporary fencing are at your disposal?

Whether it's scaffolding accessories or scaffolding supplies, complete safety and security may necessitate the use of security barriers and temporary fencing. These provisions safeguard tools, materials, and equipment against theft while concurrently obstructing unauthorised access to the scaffold tower, thereby mitigating risks for the untrained. Temporary fencing also finds utility in crowd control during outdoor gatherings and events across the Farnham region. This is why we often consider part of our overall range of scaffolding equipment.

We offer scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale in Farnham. Dial 01483 361154 to inquire about our inventory. Alternatively, contact Giovanni at 07939 333180 or Jason at 07834 519170.