Scaffolding Equipment in Chertsey, Farnborough & All Other South Eastern Locations | Miscellaneous Building

For all things non-mechanical, from essential construction to scaffolding supplies, the experts at NonMech are ready and waiting to be of assistance. Situated in Guildford at a fully-stocked yard, we assist discerning clients throughout the South East in equipping their project with everything from scaffolding equipment, to security barriers, temporary fencing, and the miscellaneous items described on the page below.

Whether you’re a domestic or commercial client, based anywhere from Aldershot or Brighton, to somewhere like Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading or Woking, trust us to ensure the job you’re taking on can be completed smoothly and to the highest of standards. Our friendly team prides itself on delivering old fashioned customer service, with honest and traditional values at the core of what we do.

While you can pay our yard a visit personally, we may also be able to arrange a visit to your site. So give us a call on 01483 361154 to discuss our product range, from our scaffold for sale, to the below products…

Our Miscellaneous Building Products

Trestles – These can be employed with our range of scaffold boards for sale. Lay the trestles across them to facilitate safe work at low levels of height. Fabricated from tubular steel in a variety of formats, they are finished in red and are notable for being light weight, and therefore easy to move about and set-up. Their 900m width allows them to easily accommodate 4 scaffolding boards, and they are height-adjustable. Taken altogether, you can see why they’re widely viewed as essential scaffolding supplies.

SmartGuard® – NonMech is a proud stockist of SmartGuard® systems, scaffolding accessories which provide edge protection for trestle platforms. Their modular design is fully in keeping with UK regulations, and they’re also BS EN 13374 (Class A) compliant. If you’re in or around the Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading or Woking area and looking to protect workers from spills and accidents, they’re an ideal choice. Our SmartGuard® range includes gates, handrails, posts, panels and other such scaffolding equipment.

Props – We’re also a popular choice for the purchase of props, used by those in construction and formwork to support walls and ceilings. Our props are available in all sorts of configurations, starting at an adjustable 1m-1.8m.

Prop Collars – Manufactured from steel, designed to be combined with our props.

Prop Double & Swivels – Join props to scaffold tubes.

Trench Struts – An important tool employed during trenching work, these are adjustable steel struts that are combined with horizontal sheets to support walls and prevent potential collapses. They offer security and safety through their uses of clawed plates that grip onto their bearers.

Whether you’re in the market for essential scaffolding materials, such as our scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, or are looking for scaffolding accessories like temporary fencing and security barriers, NonMech wants to hear from you. We’re best known throughout areas such as Aldershot, Brighton, Chertsey, Dorking, Epsom, Farnborough, Farnham, Reading and Woking, but cover all surrounding locations throughout the South East.

For scaffolding supplies and scaffolding accessories in Chertsey, Farnborough or any other South East location, call the NonMech team on 01483 361154.